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The geeky “sister” behind Vatican’s Website « Scobleizer – Tech Geek Blogger

I really enjoyed reading the blog about the geeky ‘sister’ behind the Vatican’s Webside on Scobleizer the Tech Geek Blogger and also to know that the Pope is interested in the internet as a means of evangelization and building up the local community. A new world is opening up to me and am thrilled about it. I’m really getting hooked on blogs and reading people’s ideas. 


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Jesus is Dead… or is he? « Liam Kinnon

Jesus is Dead… or is he? « Liam Kinnon  I too want to express my true beliefs like Liam and challenge the people who claim they’ve found Jesus’ tomb even though he died 2000 years ago. I cannot hide behind ‘being busy’ and not take a stand in public anymore. 

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